Mission of the River Rats

The RED RIVER VALLEY ASSOCIATION was founded as a military organization of fighter pilots to commemorate inter-service teamwork, strong esprit de corps, and unprecedented sacrifices demonstrated by American fighting men during the campaign over North Vietnam. The association established Pride of Patriotism and Defense of the Constitution of the United States of America as its guiding principles.

We provide an active forum for discussion and debate of aerial warfare issues and encourage the United States government to achieve the fullest possible accounting for all service personnel declared MIA/KIA (Missing In Action/Killed In Action)(body not recovered) in all armed conflicts.

Purpose: Generate national awareness of military service and sacrifice and provide comfort and support for the family members of those uniformed service aircrew personnel MIA/KIA who were associated the war in Southeast Asia to the present for both combat losses and operational accidents.

Business: To share the camaraderie and fellowship of our fellow aviators and provide scholarship assistance to dependents of the lost military service aircrew personnel.

Values: Support the Constitution of the United State and honor the service and sacrifice of our fellow US Military Aircrew Members.

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