Membership Qualifications


River Rats membership is open to all current and former U.S. military designated aircrew members (all services, all ranks, 
all airframes, and all aircrew positions). Documents to validate membership eligibility include Flight Orders, Flight Record
 Summary, DD-214, or any other copy of official military documentation that indicates qualified aircrew status.

To apply for River Rats membership, please complete and submit this online application:

Membership Application


1.) The online membership application form will provide an option to attach scanned verification documents that will be
 submitted with the application. You may want to have verification documents scanned and ready to attach before
 starting the membership application.

2.) After submitting the online application, the user will be directed to an online dues payment form. If not automatically
 directed to the membership dues payment form, use the link provided in the MEMBERSHIP DUES section below to
 submit a dues payment for your membership application.

3.) Contact the Executive Director  to investigate an Associate Membership 
application if you do not meet the qualified aircrew member requirements.

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